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The enneagram is a model containing nine personality structures. It is emphatically not a tool to compartmentalise people; everyone has their own unique mix of traits and qualities, after all. Still, we all have certain patterns. The enneagram can accelerate the discovery of those in yourself as well as in others and helps to create space within them.

Typing interview

Do you want know more about your possible type? You can find out more in a typing interview, a 1,5 hour session in which we discuss several themes that may induce reflection on your part. What makes you deal with things in the way you do?

Would you like a typing interview? Please contact me for an appointment.

About the types

Each enneagram type is directed (un)consciously by that which attracts one’s attention automatically. For the nine types, the attention is focused in the following ways:

  1. Type 1: the perfectionist: what is good or bad, what can be improved.
  2. Type 2: the giver: who or what needs my help, how do I get appreciation.
  3. Type 3: the achiever: successes ensure that I am being noticed.
  4. Type 4: the romantic: longing for what is missing in me and in my life.
  5. Type 5: the observer: facts and analysis, what violates my privacy.
  6. Type 6: the loyal skeptic: what could go wrong, whom can I trust.
  7. Type 7: the epicure: options and possibilities, pleasure-seeker.
  8. Type 8: the protector: who needs my protections, exercising power and control.
  9. Type 9: the mediator: what can I do to maintain harmony.

You can find a good enneagram test in The essential enneagram by David Daniels & Virginia Price.
A comprehensive description of the different variants per enneagram type can be found in Beatrice Chestnut’s book.


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