Capilla | crafting personal leadership


Team facilitation 

Head of department

‘While facilitating our team session, Moniek had a keen sense of what was needed and when. She was present and also knew when to step back.’

Programme manager after a team day

‘Good framework, energising, reflective, and it invited every participant to actually participate.’



Senior policy officer

‘Pleasant facilitation. Moniek offers an environment that makes you feel at ease. She gives space yet also outlines a direction during the meetings.’

Cluster managers

‘Has great control and senses the group’s need acutely. Listens well, respectful. Creates a safe and open atmosphere in which you can speak about issues freely.’


Individual and career coaching


‘ I’m very happy with you Moniek, I experienced the coaching programme as stimulating. I felt understood. I have a clear picture of my strengt and what will bring me joy. ‘

Policy advisor

‘Clarifying, professional, personal, safe. The right way of tickling, comforting, passing back the question and especially tailor-made! Very good to deepen number of issues in this setting. Highly recommended.’

Public affairs manager

‘The ground beneath my feet feels solid again, and I’m dreaming again. I know where I am, what I want to achieve and I dared to articulate that. Now, I feel like I can learn from my mistakes again and correct them myself. Thanks to the coaching programme.’

Deputy director

‘Moniek has a keen sense of observation and keeps asking questions that lead you to the core. ‘


‘I experienced Moniek’s approach as very versatile. Sometimes we had a ‘normal’ conversation and sometimes we used creative working methods and also walking sessions. And we had a good few laughs, too.‘

Urban planning economist

‘I often found peace in our conversations. Moniek isn’t afraid of silence or of asking more questions in order to delve deeper.’


‘Moniek is a delightful coach with a keen sense of the person sitting across from her. Her approach is very personal, which generates a lot of trust fast.’